Have you ever wanted to visit one of the most historical stadiums in Europe? The United Kingdom is associated with some of the most successful football clubs in the world, with the North West of England lucky enough to be home to the top three Premier League stadium tours on offer.

Stadium tours at the Etihad, Anfield and Old Trafford are one of our favourite excursions as they offer fans an opportunity to explore the behind-the-scenes areas and get a closer look at the club’s history and heritage.

What to expect from a Premier League stadium tour

Have you ever dreamt of sitting in the same seat that Erling Haaland does before kick off? Maybe you would rather sit in Jurgen Klopp’s dugout seat?

From changing rooms, to pitch-side, to trophy rooms; visitors will have the opportunity to explore exclusive areas of each stadium. Each tour has knowledgeable guides that provide you with interesting facts, stories, and anecdotes, adding depth and context to your tour experience.

premier league stadium tours

Anfield Stadium

Whether you are an avid fan of the five time European champions or not, Anfield provides visitors with everything that you would expect from a high quality stadium tour. When embarking on the tour you are fed fascinating information in regards to the forming of the club and how they acquired Anfield stadium. This links perfectly with the transition into the Main Stand which provides you with stunning views of the stadium, the city and its surrounding areas.

anfield stadium tour
anfield stadium tour
anfield stadium tour

You will also experience the state-of-the-art home dressing room with its adaptable lighting, getting the true feeling of what it feels like to be part of a Premier League dressing room. You will then have time to practise your interview skills in the press conference room before walking down the tunnel and touching the legendary ‘This is Anfield’ sign. Here at Your Tour we guarantee that this will be an experience that you will never forget.

Old Trafford

The ‘Theatre of Dreams’ is home to one of the UK’s most successful teams, Manchester United. There aren’t many better views in football than looking out onto the Old Trafford pitch from the Sir Alex Ferguson stand. What finer way to celebrate 38 trophies for the Red Devils than having the main stand named after yourself and a statue outside? Another stand out part of the stadium tour is walking down the Munich Tunnel. This is a significant part of the tour as it features a memorial that commemorates the losses of life from the Munich air disaster of 1958. One of the most spectacular parts of the stadium tour at Old Trafford is the trophy room, not just does it feature the clubs domestic and international honours but also features interactive exhibits that bring the history of the club to life.

premier league stadium tours
Old trafford stadium tour
Etihad Stadium

We love nothing more than embarking on the English Premier League Champions Manchester City’s stadium tour. The stadium tour starts on the very special City Campus, which showcases a fantastic elite sporting environment from academy level to the first team. The reason that this tour is one of the top three Premier League stadium tours is because of the impressive surroundings. You will be engulfed with displays showcasing the history and successes of the club, before making your way into the bowl of the stadium to witness the amazing views.

The Tunnel Club Experience at the Etihad Stadium is extremely impressive, you will be shown the suite that supporters can attend pre match. From here, you can see all of your favourite players through an amazing panoramic viewing screen, To finish with a staple favourite of the Your Tour team, the home dressing room will blow your mind as it is littered with some of the biggest names in football, It has a very clean and modern appearance that oozes professionalism.

premier league stadium tours
Etihad stadium tour

When sitting in the players’ seats you very much feel like you are part of the ‘All or Nothing’ documentary, listening to one of Pep’s pre match team talks! Post tour you will also have the opportunity to visit the numerous statues located around the stadium, celebrating the successes of previous players.

Ultimate Fan Experience

Joining us on one of the the top three Premier League stadium tours will allow you access that most match going fans do not get to experience. Whether this may be, sitting in your favourite player’s seat in the dressing room, purchasing their jersey from the club shop or a pitchside selfie, our top three stadium tours give you all of this and more. Whether you are a supporter of the club or just a neutral fan, we love how much knowledge to gain from each individual tour. The amazing staff employed at Anfield, The Etihad and Old Trafford will pass on their in-depth knowledge and wisdom about their beloved stadiums to all visitors giving you the ultimate fan experience.

At Your Tour, we feel a massive sense of connection with these clubs when we embark on their Premier League stadium tours. During the top three Premier League stadium tours you have the opportunity to deepen your connection with the team you support and experience exclusive behind-the-scenes insights!

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