The UK is host to many great and historic stadiums from the Ibrox in Glasgow to Wembley in London. The UK has a rich footballing heritage and currently contains world football’s strongest competitive league. Football stadiums in the UK contain a unique blend of atmosphere, history and success. This list contains five stadiums in no particular order that we believe every football fan should visit. Having visited many of these stadiums, Your Tour is in a unique position to provide insight although we do have our favourites.

Old Trafford

The Home of Manchester United located in Greater Manchester is often referred to as the “The Theatre Of Dreams” by supporters of the club. The nickname comes from Legendary Manger Sir Bobby Charlton who said the stadium is where dreams are made from. This historic stadium boasts a capacity of over 74,000, making it the second largest stadium in the UK. Match days at this stadium offer an immersive and intense atmosphere. Over the years the stadium has undertaken significant redevelopment and modernisation with the additions of state of the art facilities such as the Tour centre and Museum helping to showcase the club’s proud history.

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Anfield Stadium, the heart and soul of Liverpool Football Club, is an essential pilgrimage for football fans. This historic ground is home to the  “Reds” and is where the famous anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was first sung around a football stadium. Visitors to this incredible ground will be immersed by the club’s illustrious history and  heritage that have made Liverpool FC one of the most iconic clubs in the world. Anfield’s atmosphere is revered worldwide with incredible european nights and passionate weekend displays make it a stadium most football fans dream of visiting. The Kop is potentially the most famous stand in world football, known for its impact on football matches with the intense passion and atmosphere generated.

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Wembley Stadium, located in London, is England’s national stadium and a true temple of football. This colossal venue has a capacity of 90,000 making it the largest stadium in the UK. The Stadium has hosted numerous historic matches, including World Cup finals and UEFA Champions League finals. Wembley is currently the host of both the FA cup and Carabao cup finals and the football league play off is known for their intense and exciting atmospheres. Fans looking to experience international football heritage should look no further than Wembley stadium, the pride of English football.

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The home of Rangers FC is a must visit for football fans due to its rich history and unique architecture. Rangers are one of the most successful football teams in the world boasting an impressive 117 trophies.The stadium is renowned for its impressive architecture which combines the old and new styles of stadium building in a seamless manner. The distinctive exterior design and the imposing stands create a visually striking venue. The atmosphere in the Ibrox is electric on matchdays with an incredibly passionate fanbase that chants, sings and supports their team throughout the game.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Tottenham’s new stadium is one of the most impressive in the world. Although it does not have the historic charm of many of the other stadiums in the UK it more than makes up for it in the state of the art facilities at the ground. The largest stadium in London rivals any top end stadium in the world due to its innovative design and architecture. The stadium has a retractable pitch to allow for NFL event fixtures and the seating has been purposefully built for comfort. The stadium houses many unique features such as a “skywalk” which allows fans to walk along a glass floor 40 metres above the pitch. In addition the stadium is home to the longest bar in Europe which stretches the entire length of the field. The integration of technology to provide high speed Wi-fi and incorporating one of the largest 360 degree wide screens in Europe makes the stadium a technological marvel  worth visiting. For Football fans that want to see the stadiums of the future this is a must visit.

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